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This web page has been developed to provide information that has been discovered after the  date of publication of the book "From Hargest to Argus" by Bob Argus.

Remembering the book covered the family history up to approximately 1900.

Should you have or discover information that could have been included in the book then please submit details to Bob Argus, and after validation, it will be include here for all to share.

Bob can be emailed at:   rlargus@bigpond.com

Acknowledgement will be given to all contributors.

 Update 1

Death of Thomas Argus (grandfather of the brothers Thomas and John Argus, who came to Australia) at Gerrans, Cornwall, England in 1837 at the grand old age of 96.

Book References: Pages 12 - 16

Contributor: Susanne Lawson (nee Argus) 

Update 2

  Diagram 2 on Page 11 - Updated March 2008.

As a result of much research by Susanne Lawson (nee Argus) Diagram 2 on Page 11 has been revised to show direct relationships.

Download the updated Page 11 for your book by clicking below.

Updated Page 11.pdf

Update 3