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Greek Mythology and the name ARGUS

Go to this page for a link to the details of Greek Mythology
and the name ARGUS.

Military Service

Researcher, Bob Argus, is compiling biographical details on each family member who served their Country during any of the wars. This is an ongoing project and as details are completed they will be added to this web site. You will notice the "Military Service" button on the left to take you to this information. The first 3 biographical reports are now available.

Should you have information on any Service personnel Bob would be glad to hear from you.

Descendant Charts now include Location Index

Descendants charts now include an Index of Locations. That is if the location of births, deaths ... have been provided then these are listed in the Location Index at the back of each report to assist researchers.

Descendants Charts now include birth & death details

Descendants charts now include birth and death details of deceased persons only. Birth details of living persons are not included as a measure to maintain privacy and as a guard against potential Identity Theft.

Please provide updates of the chart information to :  frank.argus@optusnet.com.au


E S J Argus

On a recent trip to Japan I visited the Yokohama War Cemetery and took photos of the headstone of Edgar Samuel John Argus (1916 - 1945). The photo can be seen or downloaded by going to "Photo Gallery - Thomas Argus - Samuel Argus". I have other photos of the cemetery (a very beautiful and peaceful place) if anyone is interested please email the Webmaster for copies. Frank Argus

Direct Line of Descendants Chart

A new chart is available showing the Direct Line of Descendants from Simonis Hargest (1500,s) to Nicholas Argus (1900's). Click on the button "History 1500 - 1900" to download the single A4 page.

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You can now search for names, locations etc, in fact anything that appears on this site.

Recent Changes

To now see what has been changed, added or updated on this web site since your last visit, click on the 'Recent Changes' button for a list of changes by date.

History 1500 - 1900

A downloadable report is now available that details the 11 Generations of descendants of Simonis Hargest and covers the period 1500 to 1900. Click 'History 1500-1900' button.

Electoral Rolls

An Index to all  people with  the surname Argus in the 

Australian Electoral Rolls

1901 - 1936

Is now available, just click the 'Electoral Rolls' button on the left.

Argus Family Book - FREE + Postage

The book has been produced as a Non Profit Project. The costs associated with producing the book have now been covered and profits have been donated to The Smith Family. 

The history of the Argus families of Australia and New Zealand "From Hargest to Argus" is now being offered for FREE, you only have to pay for postage and handling.

Click on the 'BOOK' tab to the left for details.

Are you related to the Argus family?

If you live in Australia or New Zealand and your surname is ARGUS, or you are a descendant of someone whose name is Argus, then you are most likely to have descended from either of the brothers Thomas Argus or John Argus.

Thomas and John Argus and their families migrated to Australia in the 1840's from Cornwall in England and established the family in Australia with Ernest Edward Argus, a grandson of Thomas, moving to New Zealand in 1901 and establishing the New Zealand branch of the family tree.

This web site has been established to facilitate the interchange and sharing of family historical information.

You are welcome to suggest information that could be made available on this site for sharing with others.



Web site highlights are:

  • A brief history of Thomas and John Argus
  • Book details of - "From Hargest to Argus" by Bob Argus. Documenting the history of the Argus family from the mid 1500s to approximately 1900. Download an order form.
  • A list of surnames associated with the Argus family.
  • Descendant Charts of both Thomas and John Argus for downloading
  • Gallery of Photographs for downloading.
  • List of Links to other web sites containing information on the Argus family
  • Contact details for communications.
  • Index to all Argus names in the Australian Electoral Rolls 1901-1936.