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 Table of Contents

    1. Background
    2. Content of each chart
    3. Which chart contains my relatives?
    4. Download Descendants Chart
    5. How to Update a Descendants Chart


 Date of the latest update of Charts is on the Home page.


In preparing his book on the history of the Argus family titled "From Hargest to Argus" the author  Bob Argus  decided to cover the period up to  approximately 1900. After that date the numbers of descendants grow enormously and to detail them all in the book would be an almost impossible task.

Therefore as a continuation of the book it has been decided to produce Descendants Charts which bridge the period  from the book up to today. A descendants chart has been produced  for each of the two brothers who migrated from England to Australia in the 1840's:

                  Thomas Argus (1817 - 1906)

                  John Argus (1819 - 1898)

These charts show all the KNOWN descendants of Thomas and John, and therefore without a doubt will be incorrect. 

However,  you have the opportunity to provide up to date information for inclusion in the charts.  They will be revised periodically and made available on this web site for downloading. The latest revision date for each chart will be shown at the top of this page.

This updating mechanism will provide a  relatively up to date list of descendants to compliment the earlier history, brilliantly researches by family members and documented by Bob Argus in his book.

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Contents of each chart

Each chart provides a list of known descendants (including  partners) and shows graphically the relationship between them all, as illustrated below. At the end of each chart is an Index of all names and the page number reference in the chart.

As a security measure and to minimise the chance of identity theft the only details on the charts are the names of people.

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Which Chart contains my relatives?

If you are not sure which chart you and/or your relatives are on then I suggest you start by:

  1. Downloading the Thomas Argus Descendants Chart (smaller of the two)

  2. Check the index at the back of the chart for the names of your relatives.

  3. If you find them you have the correct chart.

  4. Otherwise download the John Argus Descendants Chart.

Alternatively you can download both charts.

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Download Descendants Chart

The date of the latest update for each chart is shown at the top of this page

The charts are available in Adobe Portable Data Format (.pdf) and you will require Adobe Reader (version 5 or better) to view them.

If you do not have the free Adobe PDF Reader installed, then either:

  • click on the symbol  to download it or              

  • it is generally available on disks attached to computer magazines.


The files are very LARGE and on a dialup line may take a few minutes to download and display.   Please be patient.

Once displayed, you can SAVE them on your computer.

Click a name below to download the chart:
        Thomas Argus Descendants Chart
      John Argus Descendants Chart

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How to Update a Descendants Chart

There are a number of ways to provide information to update the charts:

  • Email  - by providing the following information in an email to Frank Argus:

         Email address:           frank.argus@argus-family.info 

    1. Which chart (Thomas or John) do you wish to update?

    2. The name of an existing person on the chart.

    3. Details to be altered or added (partner, children, grandchildren ...) to the existing person.

              Repeat steps 2 and 3 as required.

  • Letter - Detail information as described in the email section above or provide information as a diagram and post to:

Frank Argus

7 Bevington Road


South Australia  5064

  • GEDCOM File -  Some Family Tree software will produce a GEDCOM file, this is acceptable and can be emailed as an attachment.

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